The Sum of Summertime: Part III

The last of our summer guests created an historic event by traveling together for the first time ever:

Part III:

Mom, Maw, & The Aunts


No, not an obscure bluegrass band, but my mom (Brenda), my grandmother (Maw Vern), and my two aunts (Darlene & Lisa)! We were so excited to have them all under one roof and to finally be able to show them the magic of a Northern Michigan summer (no small task!).

We spent some time in the dunes,…

IMG_1203 IMG_1206



…had some fun on the water,…


IMG_1244 IMG_1241

… picked a lot of blueberries and cherries…

IMG_1265 IMG_1258

IMG_1272 IMG_1269

IMG_1221 IMG_1219

… had lots of cozy, quiet times at home…

IMG_1255 IMG_1214

… and of course, we ATE!


IMG_5221 IMG_0818

IMG_4070 IMG_4077



IMG_1301After we had a tearful goodbye and they headed south, James and I sat on the front porch swing and quietly reminisced about the summer and all our guests. There was a quiet breeze blowing through the front woods and the only other sound was the creaking of the swing.

We recalled that Aunt Darlene spent every morning of their stay out on the porch with her coffee and stared out into the woods, listening to the quiet while the others were snoozing away snug in their beds. It is a special kind of peace we have here — precious and rare. Other than the memories we made and the fun times we shared, I hope our guests were able to take in the peace and quiet of a summer in Northern Michigan.

And now, as the leaves already begin to hint at hues other than green and the days tip-toe toward the equinox and we faintly hear September’s sighing preludes beginning, we have all these memories to keep close to our hearts for the days ahead.


IMG_7680 IMG_1249


2 thoughts on “The Sum of Summertime: Part III

  1. Jason and James,
    Thank you again so much for sharing your gorgeous home, your scrumptious food, and your beautiful state with us! I enjoyed the kayaking and bicycling so much. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more relaxed or at home on a vacation. It was a wonderful opportunity to make memories with my mom and sisters. I’d love to think it could be a yearly event! I now have Michigan fever and would love to live in that state! A place where you actually experience the four seasons, without humidity, tornadoes, or hurricanes. I would even brave the brutal snow! It’s just so lovely there! It was definitely a trip of a lifetime for me! I miss you both and Ollie, Tuck, and Tenderfoot too. It was nice to meet Teddy and Bob too! Looking forward to seeing you both soon! Until them we have precious memories tucked away in our hearts and we can revisit them often!
    Love you both!
    Aunt Lisa

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