The Sum of Summertime: Part I

With summer in its final countdown (don’t deny it, just embrace it), we wanted to share with all of you the whirlwind that was our summer. Turns out, it was a pretty busy time and — in order to fill you in properly — it’s going to take more than one post!

Part I:

The McKinney’s

IMG_0969 IMG_0996

IMG_0910 IMG_0911

We had a few rounds of guests, this summer — all of them very special and dear to us. Our first guests were my older brother (Benji), his new wife (Brandy), our oldest niece (Skylar), and Brandy’s daughter [our newest niece] (Lulu).

It was a lot of fun hosting them and — even though they weren’t able to stay with us for very long — we crammed it full of Michigan magic. There were lighthouses, movie houses, the cherry festival, hiking in the dunes, beaches and (of course) cherry picking!


IMG_0956 IMG_0963


IMG_0852 IMG_0857 IMG_0858

IMG_0884 IMG_0871

IMG_0902 IMG_0913


IMG_1020 IMG_7601




IMG_0798 IMG_0831



IMG_0980 IMG_0985

IMG_7596 IMG_7597


We even had the chance to put our guests to work shelling peas from the garden and pitting all those cherries we picked!


IMG_1016 IMG_1008



We packed each day as full of fun and “pure Michigan” as we could. Perhaps that’s why it seemed as though their trip was over almost as soon as it had begun. I truly wish they could have stayed longer — especially since it was the first time Skylar has ever had the chance to visit her uncles and their little ten acre kingdom. Maybe we made enough memories to make up for all that lost time… and perhaps planted the seeds for their next visit.

IMG_0925 IMG_1118 IMG_7600




One thought on “The Sum of Summertime: Part I

  1. Thank you for sharing the images of this AWESOME vacation! We enjoyed every last drop of it! We are looking forward to visiting again and bringing Ella as well as the “new addition.” We love you guys and thank you both so much for making us feel more than welcome! LOVE, Benji

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